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My At-Home Fitness Journey

With four kids at home, it's not always possible to get to a gym. Here I share my at-home fitness journey with you, including workouts and my favorite gear!


At-Home Fitness

Recently, I took a break from this blog to focus on my health. I was having a lot of flare-ups with my interstitial cystitis, and I was in pain more often than not. With interstitial cystitis, however, working out can be problematic. Anything that can stress my core muscles can cause a flare up, and let’s be honest, most workouts stress the core. I am, however, determined to improve my health, and I want to share a bit of my at-home fitness journey with you. 

With four kids at home, it's not always possible to get to a gym. Here I share my at-home fitness journey with you, including workouts and my favorite gear!

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Step 1: Yoga

This meant that I needed to start slowly. I did a 30 minute Yoga for Beginners DVD each day. Once that started getting easier, I moved to a second yoga DVD. Now, I’ll be honest with you, this video overwhelmed me at first. The instructor moves quickly and doesn’t walk you through things like the instructor does in the first video. The instructor in the first video also gives a lot of tips as you move through the video that really help me make sure that I do things correctly. The second video, however, is more challenging. Both still have a place in my fitness routine. 

Step 2: Strength 

Next, I started to work on building some strength. I started this kettlebell workout a few times a week. Now, you can but Kettlebells on Amazon for reasonable prices, but I’ve also seen them at Dollar General or TJMaxx for cheap, too. (Just because I earn a small commission if you shop through my Amazon link does not mean that I want to overpay, so if you can find them for less elsewhere, buy elsewhere). Now, I will be honest with you, between my bladder condition and the four kids that I had back-to-back, I had some trouble with some of these movements when I starte. I kept with it, though, and now I can say that I don’t pee when I do this workout anymore. Once this workout started to become easy, I had my husband create a few workouts for me. 

Husband Created Workouts

Staying Motivated

Now, there are still days where flare-ups prevent me from working out, but I am getting stronger. For me, focusing on what I can do now that I couldn’t before helps keep me motivated. Also, knowing that my children are watching helps keep me going. I still have a long way to go, but by taking one step at a time, I will get there. 

Cute workout gear also helps me stay motivated.  I love these capris from JustStrong. They help me remember that the goal is not a number on the scale. The goal is to be strong, both physically, and mentally. Plus, they have generously given my a coupon code to share with my readers. Use code JESSSTO10 at checkout to save! 

With four kids at home, it's not always possible to get to a gym. Here I share my at-home fitness journey with you, including workouts and my favorite gear!

I also have a little round-up over on Amazon with the clothes I love, the gear I have been using in my at-home fitness journey, and a few items that help me get the kids involved in my workouts. For me, it’s a bit easier to have them do the workouts with me than it is to try to keep them entertained with something else. 

I would love to hear your at-home fitness tips. Please share them down in the comments.

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