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Pineapple Caribbean Jerk Steak


Pineapple Caribbean Jerk Steak

If you aren’t familiar with PaleOMG, you need to get acquainted. ASAP. I think her posts are funny, buy more importantly, her recipes are delicious. I made her Pineapple Caribbean Jerk Filet Mignon for dinner and paired it with a half a baked sweet potato. (Yep, the sour cream you see isn’t so paleo)…. Filet Mignon just isn’t in the budget these days, though, so I used some steaks that we had cut from a roast (on sale at Sam’s Club, baby!) and cooked that up. We also don’t have a fancy pants Sous Vide, so I marinated the steaks, and then cooked them up in a cast iron skillet. With that said, it was delicious. If my husband wouldn’t have given me the stink eye, I would have licked my plate clean. For real. I can’t even imagine how much better it would have been with a better cut of meat.

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